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April 4, 2017 Christopher Harris No comments exist

NOVO is Heavyocity’s latest release. It features a hybrid mix of traditional and processed strings samples designed to cover all aspects of modern string writing. With an emphasis on musical sound design, NOVO features a complex synthesis engine designed to give you total control on the macro level. NOVO retails for $549 and you can learn more by checking out Heavyocity.


“NOVO is f**king amazing. This library will be my go to when it comes to getting that organic string sound meshed with synthesis and sound design. I simply love what Heavyocity has created in NOVO.”



Traditional and Hybrid?


Having spent a number of days diving deep into this library, I found the content to be compelling and inspiring to use. This is one of the first libraries that has truly inspired me to jump into hybrid music composition. I don’t say that lightly as the complexity is certainly there but the level of user-friendliness makes this library highly attractive.


The Traditional patches included in NOVO feature a very basic, and I mean basic, list of articulations which will leave you wanting more.  I say that because the character of these strings are wonderful. I love that thick string texture as much as the next composer but I also want clarity and definition, such as the grit of the rosin and bow on the string. All of that is present in these samples and I could use more!! Is this a workhorse string library, no. But, it offers enough to glue your cues together with other string libraries due to the dryer nature of its sound.


My final thoughts on this library are that you can certainly do a lot with it. The dichotomy of the Macro control and Cycle engine make creating sequences a lot of fun to do. You will find yourself discovering a lot of cool ways to manipulate your string performance, the loops, or processed sounds that add a hell of a lot of depth to your mix.  This library retails for $549 and if you are an owner of any Heavyocity products, you are eligible for a loyalty discount.  NOVO is one of my favorite releases of 2017!!


Review Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored. All thoughts and views expressed in this review are honest and 100% based on my own experience with this product. This library was kindly sent to me by the developers for review. 


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