The SampSpot Podcast – Ep. 1: Spitfire Symphony Orchestra

March 13, 2017 Christopher Harris No comments exist

This is the first episode of The SampSpot Podcast. Greg and Chris provide and in-depth look into Spitfire Audio’s flagship orchestral collection, the Spitfire Symphony Orchestra.  You can listen here or download at The SampSpot Podcast’s Official Soundcloud page. Let us know what you think. We value our audience’s feedback and wish to bring you content you want to listen to.


Bonus DawCast of On Laughter-Silvered Wings 

by Christopher Byrum Harris

As promised, those who wish to watch an in-depth DawCast of Christopher’s piece can check it out below.  A word of caution as we had some audio issues with the microphone so the dialogue is rather quiet.  We unfortunately were not able to fix it in post but rest assured, this will not be an issue in future content. You can also listen to the audio file via Soundcloud which is below.









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