Review: Chamber Orchestra 2 by Versilian Studios

September 25, 2016 Christopher Harris No comments exist

Chamber Orchestra 2 is Versilian Studios first major release and features a band of over 70 sampled instruments, including some rare gems that are not available on the market. Designed as an intermediate tool, Chamber Orchestra 2 outdoes itself when it comes to content. With just under 13 GB in size, Chamber Orchestra 2 (Pro Edition) has over 300+ instrument patches and retails for $229. Learn more about at Versilian Studios. (35% Off with Code: VSCO2-35)


“When it comes to content versus cost, Versilian Studio’s Chamber Orchestra 2 reigns supreme. Not only does this library feature a fully realized orchestral palette, but it doesn’t break the bank or cost you precious computer resources. More importantly, Chamber Orchestra 2 is a great tool for jump starting my creativity.”




Review Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored. All thoughts and views expressed in this review are honest and 100% based on my own experience with this product. This library was kindly sent to me by the developers for review.

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