Review: Morphestra 2 by Sample Logic

April 11, 2016 Christopher Harris No comments exist

Morphestra 2 is the most recent release from Sample Logic.  It is a complete upgrade and overhaul from their highly acclaimed Morphestra library.  Sample Logic has given their users a new GUI that helps streamline and revolutionize the world of musical sound design.Morphestra 2 is stocked with over 25 gb of samples and costs $499.99.  Check out for more information.


“I don’t gravitate towards sound design tools very often but when I do, I want a tool that gives me something new and interesting with the push of a button. Morphestra 2 offers that ability with it’s Randomization features on the micro and macro scale.  With the push of one button, I am on my way to discovering something new every time.”



Review Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored. All thoughts and views expressed in this review are honest and 100% based on my own experience. This product was kindly sent to me by the developers for review.

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