Review: Photosynthesis by Exotic States

March 28, 2016 Christopher Harris No comments exist

Photosynthesis is a four volume series created by Exotic States.  This series focuses on synthesis and sound design via the use of the Photosynthesis Engine.  Each volume features a different sound source ranging the Cello to metallic bowed objects. Each volume’s style gives the user an enormous amount of diversity when needing to feel inspired.Each Volume is priced independently ranging from $35 to $60.  You can learn more about Photosynthesis at


“I have a ton of different Kontakt based synthesis and sound design tools. Photosynthesis offers me a one-of-a-kind organic sound that tremendously helps boost my creative process when I need to start working quickly.”


Review Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored. All thoughts and views expressed in this review are honest and 100% based on my own experience. This product was kindly sent to me by the developers for review.

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