Review: Bravura Scoring Brass by Impact Soundworks

January 17, 2016 Christopher Harris No comments exist

Bravura Scoring Brass is Impact Soundworks flagship orchestral brass release.  It features a huge set of articulations as well as instruments in both solo and ensemble patches. In addition to the huge list of articulations, Bravura Scoring Brass is a completely modular library. You can simply buy the full library at a total of $349 or simply buy what you need from their list of individual bundles or instruments.  Check out the full review of Bravura Scoring Brass below and learn more at

“Bravura Scoring Brass offers an amazing set of articulations in both solo and ensemble settings that have given me a great deal of control over my brass writing. The Solo instruments are my favorite as Impact Soundworks has captured a character of the brass family not found in any library on the market.”



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