Author: Christopher Harris

Swing! was released by ProjectSam last year as a library designed to cover the “big band” sound of the jazzy-based film score. Offering loads of solo instruments and sections (more…)

Rhodope 2 is Strezov Sampling’s latest release in their series of choral libraries. Through the combination of the advanced Syllabuilder Engine 3 and Agile Legato scripting, Strezov Sampling (more…)

Bohemian Violin Expansion 1 is the latest release by VirHarmonic. Building off of the first release in the Soul Capture Series, Bohemian Violin Exp. 1 features a ton of new content ranging from new articulations to fully designed playing styles called “Moods.” (more…)

Rinascimento is the latest release of Fluffy Audio. Featuring a large range of instruments, Rinascimento is designed to bring Renaissance and Medieval music to life once again. (more…)

NOVO is Heavyocity’s latest release. It features a hybrid mix of traditional and processed strings samples designed to cover all aspects of modern string writing. (more…)

Espressivo is the latest library released by Sonokinetic. Filling the void of aleotoric phrases matching the quality and control of their orchestral series, Espressivo offers a wide range of phrases that evoke the styling of Goldsmith, Herrmann, and Stockhausen. (more…)