Review: Swing! by ProjectSam









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Review - Rhodope 2 by Strezov Sampling









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 Review: KORON by Impact Soundworks









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Samples Spotlight - What's New

May 20, 2017
Christopher Harris

Review: Swing! by ProjectSam

Swing! was released by ProjectSam last year as a library designed to cover the “big band” sound of the jazzy-based film score. Offering loads of solo instruments and sections (more…)

May 18, 2017
Christopher Harris

Review: Rhodope 2 by Strezov Sampling

Rhodope 2 is Strezov Sampling’s latest release in their series of choral libraries. Through the combination of the advanced Syllabuilder Engine 3 and Agile Legato scripting, Strezov Sampling (more…)

May 16, 2017
Christopher Harris

Review: KORON by Impact Soundworks

KORON is the latest library released by Impact Soundworks. It features a massive collection of traditional Iranian instruments. (more…)

May 13, 2017
Christopher Harris

Review: Oceania by Performance Samples

Oceania is the debut release of Performance Samples. Sampled around performance based recording, Oceania features a massive 48 piece choir designed for thematic writing. (more…)

May 10, 2017
Christopher Harris

Review: DRONAR Live Strings Module by Gothic Instruments

DRONAR Live Strings Module is the latest addition to Gothic Instruments’s catalog. Building off of their original DRONAR releases, Gothic Instruments went into the studio with the Royal Liverpool (more…)